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Scenography ARTon black.jpg

creating Illusion


creating Illusion


Projected media is a fascinating and contemporary extension of the concept of classical scenography that offers immense creative and dramaturgical potential. The successful use of media and space has a very immediate and emotional impact. At Image Laundry we love to compose and orchestrate illusion and sensory experiences.



German Savings bank day, Stuttgart 2010

120 x 6 meters projection - shadow pantomime - symphonic orchestra

Image Laundry conceived the evening event for 3,000 guests - savings bank executives and politicians - and realized the content and artistic implementation of the projections. “Creators of the Future” was the underlying motif of the multimedia scenography that embraced the audience with a 300° hexagon. Projections combined shadow pantomime and a live symphonic orchestra.  Agencies: Brainwave, Freunde Eventagentur




opening show,  dance and Projection (rehearsal)

Image Laundry created a large scale projected scenography for the occasion (50meters by 8 meters). The basic design element of the animation was a simple rhomboid derived from the three-pointed Mercedes star, multiplied to an extensive 3D animated grid. The visual impression was overwhelming: from very gently flowing scenes to massive moves, immersing the entire space in motion. Agencies: Zet:project, Brainwave




Capital Market Day 2015 

The Divisional Board of Mercedes-Benz Cars presents its strategy, key initiatives and goals for Mercedes-Benz Cars. Instead of a standard design for corporate presentations we opted for a premium approach adding a new dimension to speaker support employing 3D animation and motion design transforming the space into an immersive experience.



Opera at the Festival Grec 2004 Barcelona

1714 Mon de Guerees

A collective opera of 7 contemporary composers, for orchestra and mixed choir.  Artistic and critical appraisal about wars and violence. Libretto by the Catalan poet Albert Mestres, musical concept by Josep Vicent,  co-produced by the Festival Castell de Peralada, l'Institut Valencià de la Música, el Fòrum Grec 04 de Barcelona with the participation of the choir of València,  the Amsterdam Percussion Group and the Orquestra Pablo Sarasate, director: Ramón Simó, screen designs: Marta Hincapié and Marius Wehrli.




Mercedes Benz - Forum DAVOS

"To the Top" - Closure of the 2012 Dealer Conference in Davos Switzerland.  We transformed the famous Davos Congress Centre plenum into a unique vantage point by projecting an epic flight over a dreamlike mountain scenery made up of Europe’s best-known summits.